Mae Fah Luang University Internship Courses, Cooperative Education course and Professional Experience course, are an education innovation, which systematically provides students with on-site work-based learning. It involves cooperation between the university and the private/public sectors, which allows students to combine classroom knowledge with industrial practice skills. The experience gained through internship courses will contribute to the students’self development in terms of systematic thinking, observation, decision making, analytical and academic evaluation skills. Such experience will equip students with both theoretical and practical skills required to meet the demands of the industry and to pursue their individual careers. 


Cooperative Education and Professional Experience Internship courses aim to expose students to direct experience in a real work environment in an enterprise with the objectives as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for students so that students can apply academic knowledge to real practice at a particular enterprise
  • To enhance student’s knowledge and work experience
  • To provide an opportunity for students so that students can develop themselves and are well prepared prior to becoming a qualified and capable graduate
  • To create close and efficient cooperation between the University and enterprises