About Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education

Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education is to develop standard processes of internship courses. It is responsible for coordinating among students, advisors and employers so as to prepare students for the internship courses.


Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education has the following duties:

  1. Coordinate between students, lecturers and enterprises recruiting students for the internship course and ensuring compliance of internship requirements.
  2. Organize activities and preparation processes for students prior to an internship’s commencement at enterprises.
  3. Collect grades, evaluate activity attendance and preparation processes of students and ensure compliance of evaluation and preparation process requirements for the pre-internship.
  4. Manage students to commence their internships at the recruiting enterprises.
  5. Give advice to students regarding their internship.
  6. Prepare information related to an internship and other documents.
  7. Organize activities to evaluate a student’s internship or conduct other activities as assigned by the University.

Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education acts as a career advice provider, partnering with students and alumni to guide and support them in order to contribute their knowledge, competency, skills, and good morals for the benefit of GMS and ASEAN workplaces.

To facilitate the process and coordinate with all relevant parties such as students, advisors, employers and other participating units, in order to accomplish this project. It is apparent that the internship course is one of the key elements to produce valuable graduates whose qualifications meet their potential employers, both in the private and government sectors.

We offer a broad range of internship courses services for student career development through the provision of coaching and consulting courses, job search tools, job application assistance, and resume writing tips. We also arrange training courses such as office demonstration, and maximizing research and professional development skills.

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