Benefits of internship

Benefits for the Students

  • Gain professional experience related to their field of students in addition to classroom knowledge.
  • Learn to excel and work in a team as well as develop a sense of responsibilities and self-confidence.
  • Improve their academic performance and communication skills due to better understanding in the field after program participation.
  • Choose a suitable career path as they realize their area of expertise and job–preference after program participation.
  • Graduate with higher work potential and have better opportunities  to receive job offers prior to graduation.


Benefits for the Employers

  • Establish academic collaboration and good relations with academic institutions.
  • Create a good image for the organization as a partner in promoting human resource development for the country.
  • Receive enthusiastic and academically-able students to work throughout the year.
  • Allow existing employees to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Select prospective employees through the program without the need for job probation.

Benefits for the University

  • Establish academic collaboration and goodrelations with enterprises
  • Receiving feedback on curriculum and teachinglearning improvement.
  • Gaining recognition from enterprises.